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STEPHEN KING & “50 Famous Author Interviews That Shouldn’t Be Missed.”

What do we know about the author who is both acclaimed and dismissed by his critics? He has managed to amass one of the most loyal followings of any living contemporary writer across all genres.

I’m talking about the one and only ‘Stephen King,’ the famous author of contemporary horror, suspense and fantasy fiction novels. As famous as he is, Mr. King is a very low key individual and humble person in spite of his popularity.

A lot of articles have been written about Stephen King. Everyone knew of Mr. King’s novels and stories that have been adapted for films and TV. He has also written other books using other pen name such as Richard Bachman and John Swithen. He has been awarded the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters so, there’s no point of me doing anymore introduction about him.

In my view, and that of many others who admire Mr. King’s accomplishments, his success is a reflection of a man who has achieved mastery. To his credit, he seems to have done so with unassuming humility. Suffice it to say of Mr. King that character is sometimes measured best by what we choose not to say.

I lived until recently within a mile of Mr. King on the island thought to be the inspiration for his novel, ‘Duma Key’. The author would frequently walk by my home usually engrossed in thought with either a book or notepad in hand. He became somewhat of a fixture along the route… always quick to extend a friendly glance in mutual recognition the way neighbors do on a small island.

That said, he could have had a reputation for being aloof. If you were to ask a regular at the local fish house restaurant to point him out, he might admit that “he knew someone he thought looked like him.” With a smile he might go on to say that when he once asked the man if he was the author Stephen King after which the man looked up from his book replying only… “I get that a lot!”

I’m posting this announcement due to an email I received few weeks ago from Katina Solomon of “Online College Dot Org”. Ms. Solomon would like me to share the article that was posted on their college blog pertaining to “50 Famous Author Interviews That Shouldn’t Be Missed.”

Mr. King is one of the famous authors in the interview. I hope you find the interview with Stephen King as engaging as I do. Please check the link below and share it with others!

50 Famous Author Interview That Shouldn't Be Missed Click this link. If it doesn’t work, you can read the Online College Dot Org articles below:

If you're interested in what makes authors tick, you'll love reading what they have to say in interviews. You can learn about how they got started writing, what they enjoy about books, and more. Here you'll find 50 interviews with famous authors that you just can't miss.


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4. Stephen King: This Stephen King interview takes a look at Lisey's Story.
5. Mitch Albom: In this interview, Mitch Albom discusses his uncle Edward Beitchman.

Non Fiction

Cookbooks, social commentary, and more are discussed in these interviews.
6. Julie Powell: Check out this interview from Julie Powell, author of Julie and Julia.
7. Raj Patel: Raj Patel's interview discusses accurately viewing the world.
8. Eric Schlosser: Eric Schlosser is interviewed about the fast food industry here.
9. Lauren Weisberger: Lauren Weisberger covers her experience writing The Devil Wears Prada.
10. Anthony Bourdain: See what it's like to travel around the world for food in Anthony Bourdain's interview about A Cook's Tour.
11. Annie Leibovitz at Work: Annie Leibovitz takes you behind her work in this interview.


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16. Laurie Notaro: Check out Laurie Notaro's interview about her rise from humor columnist to novelist.
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18. Clive Barker: This interview discusses Clive Barker's return to writing with Galilee.
19. Nora Roberts: Nora Roberts covers her start as a romance novelist in this interview.
20. Jodi Picoult: Learn about the household name Jodi Picoult in this interview.
21. Jackie Collins: You'll learn about Jackie Collins' examination of sex, drugs, and Hollywood in this interview.
22. Amy Tan: Amy Tan's interview focuses on the spirit within.
23. Philippa Gregory: Philippa Gregory's interview crowns her the queen of historical fiction.
24. Hallie Ephron: Hallie Ephron's interview discusses finally giving in to becoming a famous writer.
25. Audrey Niffenegger: Audrey Niffenegger's interview discusses art, writing, and more.
26. Eoin Colfer: Sci-Fi author Eoin Colfer discusses Artemis Fowl, Hitchhiker's Guide, and more.
27. Neil Gaiman: Graphic novelist and writer Neil Gaiman discusses his diverse repertoire.
28. Janet Evanovich: Janet Evanovich opens up about Stephanie Plum and more in this interview.
29. Mark Haddon: Check out this interview about the literary debut of Mark Haddon.
30. Sue Grafton: Sue Grafton's interview covers a long career of successful mysteries.
31. Chelsea Cain: Learn about Chelsea Cain's infectious laugh and more in this interview.
32. Chuck Palahniuk: This author interview with Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, explains how he never pulls punches.
33. Eric Klinenberg: This interview with author Eric Klinenberg takes you into July of 1995 in the city of Chicago.
34. Malcolm Gladwell: Find a few thin slices of Malcolm Gladwell in this interview.
35. Mary Higgins Clark: Mary Higgins Clark discusses her Irish heritage's influence on her writing.
36. Isabel Allende: You'll learn about Chilean author Isabel Allende in this interview.
37. Jung Chang: Check out this interview about Jung Chang, the Chinese author.

Children's Books

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39. Joanna Cole: Joanna Cole's interview shares a look into the creator of Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus.
40. John J. Muth: John J. Muth opens up about Stone Soup, Zen Shorts, and more.
41. Katherine Paterson: Watch this interview to learn about Newbery Medal award winning author Katherine Paterson.
42. Judy Blume: In this video interview, you'll learn about the classic children's book author, Judy Blume.
43. Tomie de Paola: This interview from Tomie de Paola covers a reflection on his career and encouragement of young readers.
44. Eric Carle: This interview shows you how Eric Carle goes beyond The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
45. Kate DiCamillo: Check out this interview from super-successful children's book author Kate DiCamillo.
46. Norman Bridwell: This interview offers a look into Norman Bridwell, author of Clifford the Big Red Dog.
47. Jon Scieszka: John Scieszka's interview is about his weird style and concern about boys and reading.
48. Beverly Cleary: In this interview, Beverly Cleary talks about teddy bears, the pleasures of writing, and beyond.
49. R.L. Stine: This interview covers young adult horror author RL Stine's life and career.
50. Chris Van Allsburg: Watch Chris Van Allsburg for insight into the author of The Polar Express and Jumanji.

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