Monday, May 21, 2007

UPDATE: With M. Apostolina - Hollywood Screenwriter, Producer, Director & Award Winning Author

EI: If you may recall that I've interviewed M. Apostolina last March. In that interview we discussed his latest book, Meri Sugarman Strikes Back, which is his latest installment in the 'Sugarman' series. Recently, M. Apostolina. had some additional comments to add about the French version of the book, which was released this May.

The French cover is hot and edgy with a sensual sophistication that will leave you wanting more. For those of you who speak French here's a message for you all: If you are going to France this summer don't forget to order your copy of "Comment Ja'i Bizout Meri Sugarman". It's a fun read to carry with you while waiting for your flight or at the Champs-Élysées area. It would be a great conversation starter in a foreign land. The classic ice breaker! This should be on the "Top 10" list of books to read while you travel in Paris this summer. Hey! Make some room in your carry-on.

M. Apostolina: The French Version of "Hazing Meri Sugarman" (Excerpts from M. Apostolina's myspace blog) Meri and Cindy are going to France! Yipee! "Hazing Meri Sugarman" has finally been translated into French, and it goes on sale in all French-speaking territories world-wide May, 2007. I'm so excited, even though there's no way in hell I'll ever be able to really read the book. Yes, I lived in Paris for nearly three years, but most of the people I hung out with were able to speak English, and in fact, when they
heard me try to speak French, they blurted out, "Stop! No! Please! I will speak English with you! Do not speak French!" LOL.

As a result, I only learned "Survival French," or truly IMPORTANT phrases, such as...

"Je voudrais une vodka martini avec une torsion de chaux, svp," which means, "I would like a vodka martini with a twist of lime, please," and...

"Où est le cendrier?" which means, "Where is the ashtray?" and the ever important...

"Oui, je voudrais aller! Je suis un invité merveilleux de partie! Y aura-t-il de l'alcool?" which means, "Yes, I would love to go! I am a terrific party guest! Will there be alcohol?"

I encourage everyone to memorize these phrases before going to France, or at least the third one.

If you have any friends who speak French, or live in France or Belgium, or anywhere where they speak French, please tell them about "Hazing Meri Sugarman." I would sooooooooo appreciate it. It's called "Comment Ja'i Bizout Meri Sugarman." I can't WAIT to hear what the French make of Meri, who is, after all, something of a Francophile. She j'adores fine French film, gourmet French food. . .and yes, she's a complete psychopath, but still! You can order "Comment Ja'i Bizout Meri Sugarman" for al your French friends from Amazon's French site HERE!

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