Friday, March 30, 2007

Nominated For Bloody Dagger Award: Simon Wood - Author of Hitchcock Style Thriller Novels

Welcome to “Up Close & Personal.” For every interview I will be introducing a literary personality discussing his views and insights, as well as upcoming literary events around the world.

Today’s interview is with Simon Wood, author of three Hitchcock-style thriller novels. His body of work includes three novels, and more than one hundred and forty published articles. Mr. Wood is also a contributor to “Murderati”, an Internet forum of nine murder and mystery writers.

“Accident Waiting to Happen” was published in 2006. In this Hitchcock-style thriller. The protagonist, Josh Michaels, is an ordinary man with extraordinary problems. An unknown assassin has targeted Josh for no apparent reason. Evidently his death is to be disguised as an accident. Josh learns that there are other unsuspecting targets, but he has no clue as to why they have been chosen to die. “Accident Waiting to Happen” is published by Leisure Book, and is now available sold on-line, and in all major bookstores.

Simon Wood’s latest novel, “Working Stiff”, weaves a story of treachery and deceit as the inexperienced sons of secretive and failing patriarch are initiated into the family business. The situation is made worse by looming shareholders and organized crime seizing on the opportunity to exploit the weak and naive. “Working Stiff” is published by Blue Cubicle Press is now available online and in all major bookstores.

E. I. Please tell us about your book “Accidents Waiting to Happen” and what we can expect from your characters specially Josh Michaels?

Simon Wood: Accidents’ Waiting to Happen is a Hitchcock style thriller. Josh Michaels is an ordinary guy with extraordinary problems. Someone has decided it’s time for him to die, but it can’t look like murder. And Josh isn’t alone. He learns there are others out there who’ve also been targeted. The problem is he doesn’t know why.

Sadly, Josh won’t be returning. I really put the poor guy through the wringer. It just wouldn’t be fair to do it to him again.

What has been your favorite question or comment by your worldwide readers or fans?

Simon Wood: Another writer called me “the Gary Oldman of the mystery world” on account of all the anarchy in my stories. I have a habit of decimating my protagonist’s way of life in a story. I think I may have taken the term “story conflict” a little too literally.

E. I. Can you tell your fans all over the world a little about your writing schedule, editing and revision process, novel development, etc.? How long does it take you to write a story?

Simon Wood: I’m a plotter and planner, so I won’t start a book until I’ve mapped out the story. I’ll spend weeks putting together a multi-colored spreadsheet detailing the scenes and characters taking part and the various plots. When it’s completed, it’s go time. Unlike some writers, I don’t revise the previous day’s work. I just plow through and I don’t revise until I’ve finished the first draft. Then I revise the whole manuscript, each time cleaning and honing until the finished article is ready to send out. I’m also dyslexic, so I work closely with my wife. I write the book and she reads it. She first marks the errors and dodgy parts for me to consider then she reads the whole thing aloud and I edit from there. Usually, I have a completed manuscript in nine months.

E. I. Why did you choose the thriller and horror genre?

Simon Wood: There’s the adage about writing what you know, but I also write what I love. I grew up reading thrillers, mysteries and horror stories, so naturally, that’s what I wanted to write. You’ve got to want to write about your genre to do it justice.

E. I. What's up next? Do you have the next book in the works? Anything you can share with us?

Simon Wood: I’m finishing up a thriller called, PAYING THE PIPER, which will be out November 1st. It’s a kidnap story where the ransom isn’t money. Later this month, discussions begin on what follows Paying the Piper. There is a non fiction book in the offing but I can’t give out any details at the moment.

E. I. Would you like to close the interview with any of your writing tip to other aspiring authors in the literary world?

Simon Wood: Just write and write well. Do that and everything else will follow. Also, understand the business side. Learn how the publishing world works. It’ll make your decisions a lot easier.

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