Thursday, March 8, 2007

Teen Author Ilana Jacqueline

Talented seventeen year old Ilana Jacqueline is one of the Florida’s best teen writers and author of “Will Write For Sandwiches”

Her articles have been published in Today’s Teen and Sun Sentinel. Ilana’s book reviews not only attracted teens but adult readers as well. She is currently the editor of Book Reviews at Today’s Teen Magazine in Palm Beach Florida.

E. I. : What part of working on a book is most enjoyable to you?

ILANA: The most enjoyable part of working on the book, for me at least, is the very first idea of it. You're sitting somewhere, in your car maybe, and you, for some reason, never have your hands free. You're thinking about something terribly boring and inconsequential and from the simplest word --this idea--this huge monstrous idea pops into existence and you scramble to find a pen (and there are NEVER any pens) and so you think to yourself that if the idea is really as good as you think it is--you'll remember it. The week after that first idea is a good one, because all you can do is think about the book and everything you do and say and think and feel all returns to the book. It's exciting--that's my favorite part.

E. I. : Do you agree that authors who don’t bother to have a website are essentially homeless in cyberspace, missing a great opportunity to connect with their readers and market their work?

ILANA : Yes, yes, and YES. None of what I'm doing with journalism, book reviewing or writing novels would be even remotely successful if I didn't have my website. Every author needs one. Even if it's just a myspace. If an author emails me asking me to review their book--if they don't have a website 9 out of 10, I won't even consider it. It's like walking into an audition with no resume, applying to art school without a portfolio--for writers a website is a MUST.

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