Thursday, March 22, 2007

International Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner

Welcome to “Up Close & Personal.” For every interview I will be introducing a literary personality discussing her views and insights, as well as upcoming literary events around the world.

Today’s interview is with Lisa Gardner, the international best-selling author.
She is a prolific writer well known for her suspenseful bone-chilling plots. To say that Lisa Gardner has mastered the genre is an understatement. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and sold her first novel at age twenty. Since then, she has never looked back. All of her books numbering more than twenty have made the New York Time’s bestseller list.

Her newly released novel, Hide, is no exception. It takes the reader to the edge of their seat and keeps them there until the thrilling climax. Full of secrets and suspense, Hide is yet another frightening and compelling page turner. Hide is now available online and in all major bookstores.

Ms. Gardner has written several successful romance novels under the pseudonym Alicia Scott. A testament to her mastery of this genre as well, two of her novels, The Perfect Husband and At the Midnight Hour, have been adapted for film.

Lisa Gardner lives in New Hampshire with her family, and is currently working on another thriller.

E. I. Good Morning. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. Help yourself with pastries and coffee. In the mean time, would you tell your fans how did you start writing? Did you always want to be an author?

Lisa Gardner: Yes, I always wanted to be a writer. I actually wrote my first “book” at age 6. Being an author is not something you do, it is something you are.

E. I. How long did it take you to write your latest novel?

Lisa Gardner: It takes me about one year to write a novel. The first 3 months are dedicated to research, with the last 9 months sitting at my desk writing and editing.

E. I. Did you have any childhood experiences/memories that have been the subjects of your writing?

Lisa Gardner: I wish I could say I had a crazy story, but I actually had a boring childhood.

E. I. Your readers and other writers often like to get behind the author's writing routine. Would you like to share with your fans a typical writing day schedule?

Lisa Gardner: Lately there is a lot of non-writing bureaucracy taking up my mornings. When that and solitaire are done, I start my writing.

E. I. In your own opinion what do you think is the biggest misconceptions of aspiring novelist have of the writer's life?
Lisa Gardner : That a writer’s life is glamorous. Being an author is essentially a desk job. Just you and a computer all alone for months at a time.

E. I. Would you like to close the interview with any of your writing tip to other young aspiring authors out there?

Lisa Gardner : Read. Read. And Read. Go out and read different genres; even poetry; anything that will help to see different writing styles. Writing is like exercise, you have to keep doing it to see improvement.

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