Saturday, March 10, 2007

Critically Acclaimed Author Ellen Hopkins

Welcome to “Up Close & Personal.” For every interview I will be introducing a literary personality discussing her views and insights, as well as upcoming literary events around the world.

Today's interview is with Ellen Hopkins. She is the author of twenty nonfiction books for children and three novels. (Impulse, Burned and Crank). She is also a poet and has been writing poetry for years. Her book “Crank’ was written in verse.

Her fourth novel ‘Glass’ is scheduled for release on August 21st, 2007 by Simon and Schuster. Ms. Hopkins lives in Nevada with her husband and a son.

E. I. : Thank you for doing this interview with us, Ellen. Would you please tell your readers if you read every fan mails or emails sent to you, which I assume is a great task.

ELLEN: I do read every e-mail and myspace comments / messages / friend request, and I still answer all of them personally.

E. I. : Do you have days when you just can't read all those mails concerning how great your books are?

ELLEN: The only days I can't get to them are days when I'm traveling or doing school visits. Still, I take my laptop and try to keep up with them. Otherwise, by the time I get back, It will be too overwhelming. Hearing from readers, BTW, is very important to me, as is maintaining personal connection. If they take the time to write me, I feel like I should take the time to write them back.

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